Data protection services for your business

As a highly experienced privacy consultant, Martin Hoskins offers the following services:


Privacy impact assesssments

Helping organisations embarking on new projects that involve the collection of personal information identify the privacy risks, anticpate problems and resommend solutions that ensure compliance with data protection principles.


Privacy health check

A half day health check will assess your current state of compliance with the data protection and privacy laws. This will highlight the main areas which might require a closer investigation.


Privacy audits

A more structured audit will focus on particular areas that are likely to be of interest to the regulators, from which a clear set of recommendations will be provided, in line with your general approach to risk, to match your business requirements.


Training & awareness

Presentations, customised courses, seminars and workshops can be organised to improve awareness of general privacy issues, and to clarify areas of the law that are frequently misunderstood.


Specialist support is also provided for

  • Cookie policies
  • Customer & employee subject access requests
  • Data breach management
  • Data retention policies
  • Dealing with inquiries from the Information Commissioner's Office
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Privacy policies

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