Clients rely on Martin for their success


"An independent data protection expert." [The Telegraph, June 2012] 

"The ability of Martin Hoskins to effectively set out our privacy options as well as guiding our compliance strategy has made him a welcome and necessary addition to our organisation."


"Martin's proactive approach to problem solving ensures the continuity of our operations, preventing unplanned disruptions that result in expensive mistakes."


"Martin's competitive fee structure, his service quality and overall expertise were the primary factors for selecting him as a key consultant."


"Martin Hoskins operates as an extension of our legal department. He understands not only our problems, but also our corporate goals and our budget. This makes him an ideal partner for us in all things data protection."


"Thank you very much for your lively and insightful input into our Customer Management roundtable. You added to the event enormously and your attendance was very much appreciated."


"Delegates rated your session 8.5/10 suggesting a high level of engagement, with many delegates singling you out as one of their favourite speakers of the day.  Delegates commented that your presentation was very interesting, honest, and relevant to real life.  They also said it was good to get some information on a little known standard, and see how it could assist them in managing sensitive client data in their place of work."

"It was a pleasure to meet you at the DP Forum event earlier this week. I was particularly grateful that you were a strong Chair as it kept the energy levels high which is not always a given at such events!"


"Martin is a very experienced data protection practitioner and expert. He is an accomplished speaker and provides valuable knowledge and insight into current privacy and data protection issues and concerns. He balances enthusiasm for privacy with pragmatism through buiness experience. Regardless of differences of opinion at times, he has always been keen to develop and maintain excellent working relationships within the privacy community, including with regulators. He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to being able to work with him again."


"Thanks again. We really couldn't have done it without you."