Martin's strategy: your path to success

Martin's tried and tested strategy produces sound and sustainable privacy solutions for all areas of your operations. It's not really about ticking boxes. It's about developing and maintaining the right business attitude.


No one can always operate at the highest standards. Martin's experience has led him to develop an approach that produces appropriate and consistent results.


These are the five pillars of Martin's successful data protection compliance strategy:



A case-specific audit and data gathering exercise will provide a detailed and comprehensive picture of your current level of compliance, risk profile and working environment. His objective is to propose solutions that work for you.



Martin's research and analysis is summarised in a proposal for an individually designed solution that addresses your requirements. His recommendations include a detailed plan, clearly defined objectives and a recommended course of action.



Martin will manage as many aspects of the implementation process as you wish, including strategic planning, design, procurement, project management, testing, training and documentation. During the implementation process, he will work closely with your existing staff to produce the best possible results.



It's part of Martin's job to make sure that your management systems are fit for purpose, as well as being legally compliant at all times. He offers solutions that can monitor, assess and track the credibility of these systems.


Coaching and knowledge transfer

Martin's coaching approach helps you to reduce costs by providing you with tailored support as you manage your own systems with greater efficiency. He offers scheduled visits and an on-call service for those times when you just need an answer, and fast.