Biography for event organisers

Martin Hoskins has over 30 years experience of dealing with privacy and data protection issues. Clients include a range of public and private sector bodies in the UK and Ireland. He was appointed Specialist Advisor to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the draft Communications Data Bill in July 2012 and served in the same capacity to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the draft Investigatory Powers Bill in November 2015.


He was educated at Brunel University (London) and the State University of New York. After a brief period working for a US Congressman in Washington DC, Martin served as a British army officer in Cyprus, before joining the Sun Alliance Group, the Association of British Insurers, One2One and T-Mobile. After spending several years as an independent consultant, he worked for Standard Chartered Bank and subsequently for Three UK.


As the responsible officer for T-Mobile's Law Enforcement Liaison Department, and as Everything Everywhere's Head of Data Protection, Martin worked closely with UK and EU policy makers, law enforcement officials and other Communication & Internet Service Providers, exploring the measures that Providers and Governments should be taking to ensure that their citizens can continue to live safely in free and democratic societies.


As an experienced conference speaker, Martin is currently taking a particular interest in data breaches, communications data retention issues, and the tension between privacy and public security.


His book 'How to be a decent DPO: letters to aspiring privacy pros' published in November 2021, continues to receive great reviews.


Martin is a former Chairman of the Data Protection Forum, and is also author of a data protection blog [].