Martin has helped organisations comply with data protection laws for over 30 years.

Highlights include:


Jan 2021 - Apr 2021

Hutchison 3G Ltd


Martin provided specialist and practical guidance in relation to data protection laws and regulations to assist the mobile operator Three's compliance with the relevant requirements. He worked with the DPO of the holding company (CK Huchison Holdings Ltd) to co-ordinate compliance with data protection laws and regulatory expectations within Europe andfHong Kong, and also mentored the incoming Data Protection Officer.



Nov 2017 - Aug 2020

Standard Chartered Bank


As an Executive Director, Martin served as deputy to the bank's Data Protection Officer, advising data protection and compliance leads at the Bank's head offices in London and Singapore, and compliance staff in the Bank's 63 operating countries worldwide. As the Subject Matter Expert to the BAnk's GDPR Project Team, he helped designpolicies and procedures that were in line with the organisation's global risk apetite and the particular needs of local jurisdictions. He also:

  • Monitored and performed a large number of Privacy Impact Assessments to ensure that new initiatives met local and, where appropriate, EU data protection requirements
  • Reviewed key data mapping exercises
  • Reviewed GDPR training and awareness intiatives
  • Represented the organisation at key industry/DCMS liaison meetings on legislative initiatives, including the content of the Date Protection Act 2018  


Apr 2016 - Nov 2017

Grant Thornton LLP


Martin took an active role in developing Grant Thornton'a privacy practice through various means including proposition and service development. He managed a team of professionals providing a wide range of privacy services to clients, mainly in the financial services sector. Projects ranged from privacy audits and targetted General Data Protection Regulation readiness assurance assignments to large-scale business transformation programmes. 



May 2012 - Sep 2017

Privacy Consulting Ltd


Projects included:

  • Carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments for public sector bodies in Ireland
  • Developing and performing data protection reviews to help UK organisations, principally in the financial services, telecommunications and education sectors, run effective data protection governance programmes



Nov 2015 - Feb 2016

Joint Parliamentary Committee on the draft Investigatory Powers Bill


July 2012 - Nov 2012

Joint Parliamentary Committee on the draft Communications Data Bill

Martin was appointed Specialist Advisor to assist these Committees in respect of their consideration of the draft Bills. He briefed parliamentarians, identified potential witnesses, and helped draft the final reports.




Sep 2000 - May 2012

Everything Everywhere Ltd (previously known as T-Mobile UK and One2One)


As Head of Data Protection, Martin was responsible for creating a data protection strategy which took account of the different requirements of EE. Orange and T-Mobile. 

Between Jan 2001 & Jan 2011 Martin managed the T-Mobile Law Enforcement Liaison Team, with a budget of £4.5m and staff of 18, and maintained its reputation as the UK's most highly regarded telecommunications law enforcement liaison unit.

He represented the company on the Home Offie working party on communications data retention, which devised and monitored statutory communications data retention standards and relevant laws (Mar 01 - Jan 12).


He represented the company on the Association of Chief Police Officers' Data Communications Group, which devised and monitored statutory communications data provision standards (Mar 01 - Mar 09).


He represented the company on the DTI working party which implemented EU Directives on privacy and electronic communications (Jan 02 - Sep 03) and subsequently represented the company during Ministry of Justice / ICO discussions on the implementation of the ePrivacy Directive (Jan 10 - May 11).


He represented the company on the Confederation of British Industry's Data Protection PAnel & the CBI's Information Security Working Group (Sep 08 - May 12).


He represented the company on the British Standards Institute working party which developed an internationally recognised standard for compliance wirth the Data Protection Act [BS 10012:2009] (May 08 - Jun 09).


Martin was required to have a British security clearance (DV).



Nov 1989 - Sep 2000

Association of British Insurers

Martin developed ABI's representations on a wide range of legislative matters concerning general insurance legislation, then specifically liability insurance, and was accountable for ABI's liaison with the Insurance Ombudsman Bureau. He was also responsible for the data protection aspects of the Claims & Underwriting Exchange (Oct 1993 - Jun 1995).


He specialised in issues involving data protection, human rights, freedom of information, electronic commerce, unfair contract terms, the establishment of the Financial Ombudsman Service, and the development of ABI's codes, standards and other regulatory initiatives.


He represented the ABI on a working party which created the Northern Ireland Personal Injury Anti-Fraud Register (launched in Jun 94).


He represented the ABI on a working party to devise the Persinal Investment Authority Ombudsman Scheme, set up by the PIA (Sep 03 - Feb 04).




Organisations and Working Parties

  • Chairman, Data Protection Forum (May 2010 - Sep 2014)
  • Member, Department of Media, Culture & Sport [initially set up by the Ministry of Justice] Data Protection Advisory Panel (Sep 2012 - Sep 2017)


He's certified!

You can trust Martin with your privacy operations because he has an ISEB Certificate in Data Protectionawarded by the British Computer Society. [Certificate No: 990413638]